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-New leader emerged: WaveStar
-New leader emerged: Mossstar
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ReefClan Lore

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ReefClan Lore

Post by WaveStar on Tue May 10, 2016 9:26 pm

ReefClan Lore

           WaveStar sat down in front of her Den getting ready tell ReefClan how their clan was started. The she-cat cleared her voice and started off by saying "I tell you the story of our clan as it was told to my by my elders. With that said this is how ReefClan was started." All the cats of young and of old sat down to the story this she-cat was about to tell. "The Clan was founded by the first leader CurrentStar who was sent by StarClan. He gathered washed up pieces of coral from the sandy place and took them to a clearing and made dens out of them besides LeadersDen on the edge of camp. StarClan gave the Coral magnificent colors of all kinds and blessed them to keep our clan safe. As long as our clan remains respectful and kind to one another their colors will not fade. But if we are disloyal and mean spirited the color will disappear and the clan will fade into legend." WaveStar finished up and all of the clan cats gave a respectful meow or purr.


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